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Iceland Blue Lagoon

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Mixed Media
Exhibition Grade Canvas
62 x 62cm, FRAMED
Tasmanian Oak Frame

Iceland Blue Lagoon is a vibrant abstraction of Iceland's Blue Lagoon. It is full of texture with deep feelings and emotions being captured in the fluid and prominent brushstrokes.

"As a child I was forever daydreaming about different worlds. I loved seeing these worlds in colour and really feeling these colours within my soul. This painting is full of texture and blue hues - an abstraction of a hidden world in Iceland's Blue Lagoon".

Signature on front and back. 
Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.
Wire on back, ready to hang. 

Please contact artist if you would like a black stained Tasmanian Oak Frame.
Shipping will take slightly longer. 

Please contact artist if you would like to buy this artwork unframed.